Spice Boxes

The spice box stored valuable spices imported from overseas, representing a significant investment on the part of the household. Being expensive items, they were most often found in the homes of the upper-middle class, business class, or the gentry. Spice boxes resemble miniature pieces of furniture and typically contain numerous small drawers. The main front door generally locks to secure its valuable contents from inappropriate acquisition.

The Pennsylvania versions of the spice box often contained elaborate and decorative string inlay and were designed with a large central drawer with other small drawers arranged around it. However, two examples examined from museum collections originating in Northern Virginia lack this central drawer and are unadorned showing no evidence of stringing or other decorative inlays.

The versions that Daniel builds were originally built in northern Virginia. One dates from the late 1760s and the other from the mid-1780s. These spice boxes are well documented and are held in the collections of nationally-recognized museums. One is made of walnut, the other is made of cherry. Daniel will be glad to build either design out of cherry or walnut based upon your desires. For detailed pricing, please visit our pricing page.

spice boxes